Tenuta di Ferrara Montebaldo

Ferrara di Monte Baldo land it’s in Pravazzar locality, located at a height between 940 and 980 m.s.l.m and it has a width more than 5,6 ha.

It’s compose from a sloping part of 30/35° where in the year 2015 land improvements have been made to get terraces for the vineyard’s realization.
For this treatments we chose to follow the territory’s trend to have harmony and less impact on the environment, completely organic plot from 2019.
In the lower part there is an old source called “old Pravazzar fountain”.
The fountain is 200m downstream from the road Graziani between the two locality. Pravazzar was built in ancient age with ammonitic red slabs and it powered by the water of the nearby source.

Here the new Müller-Thurgau and Manzoni Bianco vineyards are born , the raising system is guyot.


Tenuta di San Pietro in Cariano

San Pietro in Cariano land is in a flat area close to Paladon Villa, an historic venetian residence.
This field id owned by my family from 1800 at the land beginning there is a stele where is written the date 1798.
In this field of 1,5 ha it’s raised classic valpolicella doc, the vineyards are about 40 years.

Present variety are rondinella, corvina and corvinone, they are raised with the classic pergola system, inside the rows there are cherry trees.
There is a rondinella vineyard over 100 years, this plot is also completely organic since 2019.